Do You Have 3 Traits of Winners in the New Sales Arena?

Covid-19 has seen so much change come into play in the Sales Arena. Many salespeople have to work remotely and in isolation. But there are positives too. No commuting means productivity is up and for the most part, shorter, sharper and more focused sales meetings are happening thanks to online platforms.

However, the challenge for many salespeople is that the team environment has gone and the loss of face-to-face meetings can make building relationships very tricky. The one thing the majority agree on is that change has happened, and it will impact the way we do business going forward, particularly when it comes to relationship building and sales activity.

You can consider yourself a potential winner in this new normal if these three traits come easy to you.

1. You can adapt to new mediums
The fundamentals of sales will possibly never change; building relationships and strengthening them with trust and confidence are core to sales success. But humans generally resist change.

By embracing the new landscape and learning new skills, you will open new doors of opportunity. There are many success stories of salespeople kicking big goals across virtual meetings – to ignore that it is possible to experience joy in this new sales arena will hinder your success.

Learn, master and implement this new technology and consider it to be adding value to your existing expertise as a salesperson.

2. You can embrace change
The world was turned upside down for salespeople as their existing clients and prospects were mainly looking at an environment which brought anxiety, fear and indecision as to know what to do next.

Salespeople, who acknowledged this quickly, who showed empathy and looked to see opportunity with a fresh approach, have enjoyed success.

“Pivot” is the new in word. Simply changing packages and offering new products/services that can alleviate a pain point of a client/prospect, has allowed many salespeople to engage and attain new sales during COVID-19.
There will always be opportunities in sales, and perhaps a new positioning or diversification can open new worlds that were previously never considered.

By stopping, analysing the needs of the market, and moving quickly to embrace these changes, you will prosper in a COVD19 environment.

3. F#$k it, you are all in!
With change being the order of the day, it can be easy to get bogged down in the how and in modifications with bureaucracy or compliance of rolling out new initiatives.

The marketplace has changed so quickly for most and now more than ever, actions speak louder than words. We are in a new environment where your client or prospect is more forgiving of minor mishaps such as not having your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed. This move to being more open to forgiveness only exists if there is significant merit in your action that can alleviate a pain point with added value. So many success stories come from business owners and salespeople who acted and did not overthink their next move.

Fortune favours the brave, and the brave who act are winning in the sales arena.
Be Brave!

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