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A 21st-century premium business growth network, District32 empowers 7-figure++ businesses to reach enviable business success by working smarter instead of harder. In business, as in life, there is strength in numbers. District32 provides that strength through a growing network of ambitious local business leaders and experts who seek to form meaningful relationships and access new business growth opportunities.
We assist business leaders to reach their goals faster and with less costly mistakes by leveraging the group’s collective wisdom and experience.

“The wealthiest people in the world build networks while everyone else looks for work”

Robert Kiyasaki

“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” – Robert Kiyosaki

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Take Networking to the Next Level

Our Connect PREMIUM membership is an exclusive group of successful business leaders, seeking new growth opportunities and collaborations to scale faster. As a Connect PREMIUM member, you have the opportunity to brainstorm with other affluent business leaders and learn from industry experts on topics such as finance, investment, leadership, franchising, resource management and exit strategies. If you are the Director or CEO looking for a network with a growth mindset, please enquire below.

Benefits of Connect PREMIUM

Skills You Will Develop

You will develop a range of skills through the mastermind forums and through expert speakers. 

You’ll have the opportunity to build relationships, improve communication and leadership skills as well as learn the key skills in business growth and development.

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Connect PREMIUM Membership Key Outcomes

Based on our decades of experience in coaching, mentoring, and training, as well as being members of various networking and coaching programs, we wanted to create something unique for a specific type of business owner that focussed on three core outcomes:

How We Deliver

District32 provides a premium platform for 7-figure+ businesses with a unique business growth model. Through our experience in working with business leaders over the years, we recognise that to scale fast; you must focus on three key levers:

Elevate Thinking

From complacent to bold

Elevated thinking is vital for business owners to move from complacent thinking to bold. The primary systems in business are those for thinking and influence and often, it’s not the smartest business owners who succeed but the boldest and most visionary.

District32 promotes a culture of bold thinking. By increasing business acumen and having access to group wisdom, we can stretch the realms of possibility. We challenge the status quo to elevate your thinking through our mastermind forums and access to expert speakers. One proven idea can literally change your business overnight and accelerate your results.

Drive Business

From good to booming

The ability to drive business is crucial, and to get to the next $1M or $10M we must be more strategic in our approach. At the 7-figure mark, it’s time to start saying no to what you don’t want and start saying yes to what you do want, and we all know that it’s not the best service provider who wins but the best marketer who wins.

Unlike a good business, a booming business depends on your ability to get in front of the right people. With 85% of all business still coming from referrals and 9/10 buyers beginning their buying process with a referral, your first lead funnel should be your referral funnel.

District32 is a premium platform that allows you to boost your brand and turbo-charge referrals.

Leverage Relationships

From comfortable to bullet-proof

Connections and relationships are vital for business owners to move from predominantly working solo to being part of a bullet-proof support network. A bullet-proof network is one where you can easily access mentors, industry experts, supporters and referrals. It’s also a network where you can leverage the contacts and activities of others so that you can reach your goals faster.

It’s lonely at the top – we can’t do it alone and success is not a solo activity. It’s not what we know that transforms our business, but who we know that we can rely on and who’s as interested in our success as we are theirs. Our relationships are everything in business.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have exclusivity within your mastermind forum and forums are capped. 

Visitors are welcome at our leadership training days and our guest speaker events but not at our Mastermind Forum events.  Memberships are 12-months.  If you are interested in joining, we will introduce you to several Members who will share their experience with you.  We have not experienced any Member seeking to leave prior to their 12-month commitment, on the contrary Members remain from 2-4 years.

Members are 7-figure++ business owners or CEOs seeking to form high quality networks and opportunities.  We cannot give out Member lists or contact details but we can provide you with a list of professions and who would make great referral partners for you.

As well as building referral partnerships within the group and meeting new business owners each month, as a Premium Member, District32 provides key introductions to your ideal referral partners and/or ideal clients.  It would be under unusual circumstances that a Member would not generate new business.

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