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An online business growth and networking magazine focused on community and business success.

The District32 Business Prophet magazine is released 5 times each year for business owners looking for relevant business articles, tips and insights. 

Find insights across the four main quadrants of business: finance, marketing, systems and people. 

Meet District32 Members, find out what’s hot in the District32 business community and celebrate business wins.

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About the Magazine

Business can be a lonely place and scouring Google for answers can be cumbersome.  The District32 Business Prophet Magazine is a platform where you can get to know real people and find out what’s hot and what’s not in business. 

The magazine features the successful, the upcoming and the newbies and we celebrate our wins together. 

You can meet District32 Members, engage in competitions and you can feature your story.  Do you have a great story to share?  Submit your stories to info@district32.com.au.

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