Choose your Connections

When we form deep connections with others, they can be a source of love, comfort, solace, encouragement, support, inspiration and so on. 

What about other ways we are connected? 

The internet, for instance, has brought a range of possibilities for connecting to people, places and things around the world. Everything is just a click away. No doubt this has expanded our knowledge and introduced new friendships and potential for personal and business growth. Seen in this light, the internet is a force for good, greatness even.  

But what if connection proves to be a force of negativity and distress?  

Think about public figures such as celebrities and politicians or anyone with a high-profile position. Many are confronted with a barrage of criticism from people they don’t even know. Perhaps a fraction of it is just, but more often internet trolls criticise and harangue for the hell of it bringing misery and despair to the recipient. Clearly, in this light, the fact that strangers can connect to us in this way is an unforeseen and negative outcome of the internet.  

As a caring and compassionate society, we thrive when we choose to be kind and supportive of one another. And that often starts within our local communities  

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