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Fortuna Advisory Group

Fortuna Advisory Group is an award-winning multi-service firm that provides tax, business advisory, legal, smart financing and wealth management solutions in Perth. As thought leaders in the industry, they empower their clients to reach their full potential while positively impacting lives through the Fortuna Foundation. Their motto: We stay with you for life.  

Dinesh Aggarwal – Founder and Managing Director  

Honoured as one of Australias top three SME Tax Advisers of the Year 2015 by the Tax Institute, Dinesh is also the winner of the prestigious, 40 Under 40 Young Business Leader2012 and 2013 titles by CPA Australia. 

With 20 years of experience in Accounting, Finance and Business Management in top corporate positions, both in Australia and overseas, Dinesh is a well-known professional, rendering advice to clients in Australia and overseas on tax matters and business services.  He manages not only major international clients but also helps new clients set up businesses in Australia. Dinesh also handles objections with ATO and appeals at the Tribunal level and is a current CPA Australia Public Practice Board member. 

Dinesh Aggarwal | (08) 9240 4211 | info@fortunaadvisors.com.au | www.fortunaadvisors.com.au

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Optimise Online

Optimise Online exists to create awareness, engagement, and connections that matter to you and your business.

Since 2013, Calum and his team have helped businesses grow with online strategies designed to connect businesses with their ideal customers. Through collaboration and sharing of knowledge, Optimise Online educates and empowers business owners to make informed decisions about brand strategy, websites, and digital marketing.

The Optimise Online team can help you reach new audiences, grow your online community, and build your brand. They take you from being unknown to known by the clients you want to serve. With their expertise, quality service, and dedicated in-house team, Optimise Online helps your business be everything it can be.

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GroupSupport is an IT Company for Business owners who want real honest, cost-effective, and professional support. They have been providing prompt, effective and friendly IT support for 15 years, for businesses like yours every business day of the year (including those open out of normal business hours).

From humble beginnings of two employees to a team of eight full-time staff and contractors, GroupSupport services business owners across Australia and around the globe. Industries include service, retail, medical, legal, logistics, administration, and manufacturing.

Based in Belmont, Western Australia, 90% of GroupSupport work is done remotely which means support can be delivered in a prompt and economical way, allowing you and your staff to keep working where ever you are. It’s the relationship with you and your staff that is the most important part of their work – through good communication they provide consistent education and knowledge on how to improve the usefulness of your systems. Their team is experienced in all facets of business information technology, so whatever you are using to make your business work they can help you – and love pushing the boundaries and learning new things.

Whether it be your applications, financial systems, databases, hardware and software platforms – across a multitude of Industries, information storage systems, delivery channels, protection mechanisms, backup/retention methods, and reporting engines – GroupSuppport is a call away.

When it comes to price, they find the best level of support for your budget to ensure you and your business can give your staff, customers and suppliers what they need.

Peter Trenaman | 0416 087 429 | peter@groupsupport.com.au | www.groupsupport.com.au

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Wealth Coach

Financial Educator and Wealth Coach Helia Singh asks a simple, but difficult question: why do we only see one side of the coin when we set goals – especially financial goals? She proposes a thought-provoking answer through the journey of answering a set of two questions as two sides of the same coin.

Helia is the Director of Assurance Finance and Business Solutions and is on a mission to help people grow wealth more easily. She is an advocate for financial literacy and is the author of the book “How to save money when there is no money”.

She believes the route to grow wealth is hidden in financial education and thereby creating programs to address mindset, strategy and tools of wealth creation. With deep compassion for people of our age, her work has been praised globally to find out what we feel about wealth and what we are looking for when we say we are looking for ‘Wealth’.  TEDx Speaker and Amazon bestselling author.

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Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press Canning Vale, Fremantle and Joondalup provide digital print, signage, design and promotional products and services to businesses Australia wide. Today they are much more than just print; they can provide anything you can put a name, image or logo on! A business model built on providing exceptional customer service and quality.

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Oska Wellness

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) technology has existed for more than 60 years and clinically proven to be effective in over 10,000 studies. Typically used in clinical settings, our engineers, researchers and scientists uncovered an opportunity to miniaturise the technology and create a portable, wearable and shareable device. Developed in Australia and designed and manufactured in the United States, the Oska Pulse was born. 

Darren Wedge (Founder, Board Member, Director of International Operations) 

Darren founded a consultancy business before founding Oska Wellness, where he also led business development. He has over 30 years of experience in management, sales, marketing, team building, channel, and business development and board roles in global and local companies of all sizes. Darren is an entrepreneur and founded successful general and technology insurance businesses. Darren is the author of Business Owners Success Guide, a best-selling book to assist both current and potential business owners navigate the complexities of starting and building a business. He also holds a business degree from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. 

Michael Hawker (CEO and Technical Director Medic Technology International Ltd Perth, Western Australia) 

Michaels interest in biology was aroused at the age of 14 when his science teacher connected a battery across a frogs leg, and it moved! However, his passion for anything electrical led him into a 60-year electronics career in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing. Since being introduced to PEMF technology 16 years ago, Michael has devoted his time to studying neurophysiology and cellular biology, with a particular interest in the bodys response to electromagnetic fields; this resulted in his development of the Oska Pulse. With so many positive outcomes, Michaels passion is to further develop the Oska Pulse for individuals and the health and medical industry – worldwide. 

Darren Wedge | 0414 230 022 | darren@oskawellness.com | www.oskawellness.com

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Delta Business and Executive Coaching

3 Most Important Things To Know About Your Business Coach: Paul Roach

1. He’s A Coach That Gets Results

Throughout his years of experience Paul has worked closely with over 150 businesses in varying levels of need, from bringing businesses back from the brink of foreclosure to helping them grow exponentially. He has seen it all. In the past year alone, Paul’s Clients have achieved double and triple digit growth in profitability, accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team, systems development and strategic planning. All of which were achieved while spending less time working in their business! Paul helps business owners grow into results driven, profitable leaders.

2. He’s an Accomplished Professional Paul has had a very impressive professional portfolio!

Having worked for a number of multi nationals, always focusing on Management Accounting, Profitability and Cash Flow, Paul knows the way the corporate world works. Having also come from a family of business owners and being a business owner himself, Paul can relate on a personal level to the frustrations and thrill of owning your own business. Prior to Coaching Paul was involved in a number of businesses, all at various levels of success. He has seen first-hand the hardships business owners and their families go through when their businesses fail, something he was vowed not to witness again!

3. He’s Pretty Darn Smart

…but doesn’t pretend to know it all. Paul has been extensively trained in the Business Coaching Arena and he continues to invest in himself by always learning and searching for new and exciting ideas. Paul also belongs to a network of over 1,000 Business Coaches in over 42 countries. Through this network Paul has countless resources and brain power at his disposal! Coupled with his Accounting Degree and CPA, Paul is skilled at breaking down complex issues into simple steps, and has the tools, knowledge and resources to help his clients succeed.

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Aria Telco Management  

Rob Heldoorn spent more than 17 years in the telecommunications industry founding Aria Telco Management in 2018. Aria Telco Management exists for one simple reason; to ensure its clients receive the best deal to suit their needs, not the big telco companys needs. Aria Telco Management does this through multiple agreements across several significant players in the telco space and wholesale deals to ensure clients do not pay more than they should on their mobile, fixedline and internet services. 

Aria Telco Management manages its clients accounts personally, so you never have to speak to a Customer Service team again! If you would like to have someone on your side, who knows how the big networks operate, Aria Telco Management is the company to trust. They will work with you to negotiate a new contract for your telco services and provide you with all necessary information to ensure you make an informed decision 

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Insurance Advisernet  

Insurance Advisernet lets you harness an unrivalled suite of products and services that allow you to benefit from collective strength in the general insurance marketplace. As business owners ourselves, we understand where the risk and value is in a business. We appreciate the daily commitment required to run a business and the importance of relying on trusted professionals for the services outside of your primary business operations. While working closely with you, our focus is to ease the labour of insurance, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business successfully. 

Derek Ford | Principal Adviser | (08) 9468 0001 | 0414 540 767 | dford@iaa.net.au | www.insuranceadviser.net/fordsure

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Crush Realty

Crush Realty are top Perth real estate agents that offer a comprehensive property service for both buyers and sellers:

  • Residential Property Sales
  • Property Management
  • Development Marketing & Sales
  • Commercial Property Sales & Management

Crush Realty your inner-city specialists! Subi, Mt Lawley, North Perth, East Perth, Burswood, CBD, Leederville, West Leederville, Highgate, Northbridge.

Bruce Reynolds | 0419 965 137 | bruce@crushrealty.com.au | www.crushrealty.com.au