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Connect with like-minded business owners who are keen to learn, connect and grow. At our maximiser events, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your network and access bigger opportunities to help you grow your business.

Meet with other business owners who are also looking to develop their knowledge and scale fast and join in group mentoring sessions for questions pertinent to your business.

Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing’. Loyal ‘Jack’ Lewman

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Benefits of Connect MAXI

Skills You Will Develop

You will learn how to build a better business, how to manage growth and how to grow. You’ll develop key leadership skills, communication skills and the art of business. District32 Members often report that they experience 10 years of learning in 6 weeks. One Member quoted “you don’t need an MBA, you need District32”

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Connect MAXI Membership Key Outcomes

As a Connect MAXI Member, you’ll experience rapid growth in your business acumen and business contacts and you’ll also have access to bigger business opportunities. Members enjoy increased brand exposure, quality referrals and new alliances.  Connect MAXI Members have access to the best expert speakers, group mentors and a experience a dynamic energy that is only experienced at District32.  Magic happens when you connect the right people with the right education in the right environment. 

How We Deliver

Increase Business Acumen

Develop Leadership Skills

Business maximiser events are designed so that you will experience the maximum return for your time. You’ll have access to entrepreneurs from Perth and around Australia who share their stories and their learning so that you can fast track your growth.  We cover key topics such as increasing profitability, managing growth, hiring and retaining the right teams, strategic marketing, sales and leadership (and everything in between).  You’ll also get to choose your own mentor each month at our events where you can immerse yourself in topics that you’re interested in NOW.

Create Business Opportunities

Collaborate & Scale

It can be very lonely as a business owner, especially if you’re at the top!  Having access to a network of business experts provides opportunities for collaboration and scale.  District32 brings together business leaders looking for new business opportunities, partnerships, and business development ideas. By working together through collaboration we can share ideas, what’s worked for us and what hasn’t.  We can learn from each other and leverage each others skills, experience and audiences to reach new realms of possibility.

Access A National Business Network

Create More Connections

Connect MAXI Members can connect with up to 80 people each month at our maximiser events – some are Members and many are guests giving you the opportunity to rapidly increase your network and connections. We are stronger together – more connections means more opportunities and above all, leverage.  Through our networks we get to leverage the time, contacts and activities of others.Your network is your net worth in business and people tend to do business with people they know first.  Through connections we find a support network, mentors, business experts, referral partners and above all, our tribe giving us a sense of belonging. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as a member you are welcome to invite colleagues or staff members on a pay as you go basis.

There are many opportunities for one-to-one meetings both at our events and also our speed networking events.  You will also have access to our entire database through our private groups and member directory.

Yes, of course – you are welcome to try out any of our events as a guest.  Upon booking we’ll give you a call to make sure the event you’ve booked is a good fit for your needs.

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