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Save 10-100% on Merchant Fees!

We will provide a complete analysis of current payments systems and costings. This is benchmarked against best industry practices and standards. This will provide a tailored payment solution for each business. On average we can save anywhere between 10% -100% savings on electronic merchant payment fees.

Venuesmart is a National Fintech that provides a personal service to tailor a solution for all business payments.

VenueSmart is powered by the world’s largest processor of Visa and Mastercard transactions globally. This enables us to find savings for merchants against the largest domestic operators in Australia. We specialise in Reducing or Neutralising EFTPOS fees for merchants.

Our strengths reside in getting to know you and your business, educating you on your existing payment solutions and detailing the improvements we can bring to your business.



Evanco 3PS

“As a family business we are always looking for ways to reduce costs. So we signed up with VenueSmart, and have now saved over $3,000 in merchant fees”


Evanco Mechanical


One of Australia’s leading ATM and EFTPOS providers. 

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