Winning the District32 Spectacular Changed My Life!

Winning the District32 Spectacular Changed My Life!Kirstin Bouse

What a year! I couldn’t have anticipated all the wonderful and wise people that I’ve met, been supported by and worked with over this past 12-months. Winning the District32 Spectacular has been a life-changing experience for me – and believe it or not I haven’t been one to use flashy language like that.

On the night I was super nervous and wanted to be lucky enough to be able to do my pitch first. But unfortunately – or fortunately – that didn’t happen. I was last! In hindsight that was great because by the time it was my turn, my anxiety had reduced dramatically. I had just enough stress that I was pumped but not too much to be overwhelmed. (Sometimes it’s helpful being a psychologist and knowing that anxiety symptoms can’t last forever, and you just have to outlast them!) It was amazing to have the opportunity to share my vision for the business. And what was even more amazing was winning! It didn’t sink in for days.

Little did I know the journey that I was about to begin.

It has now been an almost 12-month super intensive ‘ride’ that has seen me achieve great things for me and my business. The generosity of the prize givers has continually floored me. The wisdom that they hold in their areas of expertise has been pivotal to taking my business to the next level. I’ve experienced business coaching and mindset coaching; I’ve received financial management, bookkeeping and accounting, legal services, PR, marketing and finally personality and leadership profiling. The prize givers have championed my cause, helped me find solutions, connected me with other businesses that assisted me and helped me find creative ways to move forward – the gains have been enormous. I’ll be honest; there were simply too many prizes for me to use. But those I did were phenomenal.

You might be wondering what I have achieved in this period? Well, the coaching has been amazing. In addition to uncovering the layers of BS that I had around some essential elements of running a business, I have had continued guidance, support and friendly ‘pushing’ to achieve my goals. Strategy, clarity, accountability, and creativity, are words that reflect my coaching experience. The coaching has been pivotal in helping me plan ‘A to Z’ and getting me, at this point 12 -months down the track, from ‘A to … well M’.

In addition to that, I am on top of my finances! I know that doesn’t sound particularly exciting but as a business owner you know just how important that is. And if you hate numbers like me, then you’ll understand even more just how much that has helped. The people involved have streamlined everything, identifying ways of managing my accounts and debtors. I can better manage my cashflow, and my team of psychologists can invoice me more efficiently and more accurately. Which of course is pretty important. I cannot tell you how much this has been a load off my mind. The reality is that it needed to be done, and I would have otherwise had to pay for it. So receiving these tangible services as a prize has been amazing and saved me thousands.

On top of that, I’ve been in the media which contributed considerably to my brand awareness (I had lots of feedback confirming that). I created professional videos for marketing which as any business owner would appreciate are marketing gold! I’ve been invited to speak at many more events, and my workshops are selling out quickly. I’ve begun developing the online program – which once again requires professional videos – which I couldn’t have done without winning the prize.

But the crème de la crème is without a doubt … Drum roll, please …

I have written and published my book, The Conscious Mother: A simple guide to mothering with self-awareness, authenticity, confidence, and connectedness. This is a HUGE achievement for me and one which still fills me with enormous pride, a fair amount of amazement and massive amounts of laughter – because it is so bloody absurd to me!

Without a doubt, winning these prizes has significantly improved my businesses. But more importantly, it has changed me. I have learned what’s possible and what I’m capable of achieving. It’s allowed me to dream big and has given me the tools to make huge strides towards fulfilling my dream! It also made me hugely accountable. Because when you win this kinda prize, you truly have to grab the opportunity with both hands and produce something wonderful. I’m confident I have, and to District32 and all the prize givers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kirsten Bouse

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