Why change management is vital to your business success- With danielle dinse

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In this episode I interview Danielle Dinse from “Start Consulting”.

Danielle is an executive leader with over 15 years of experience transforming customer facing technology within global Banking and Telecoms markets. She has previously held management positions within multinationals Telstra, JP Morgan, UBS and Goldman Sachs.

Danielle is the Co Founder of Start Consulting which is a boutique consultancy that provides expertise in People Management, Change Management and Project Management.

Start Consulting’s key principle focuses on adopting an inclusive and collaborative leadership style, anticipating challenges and facilitating solutions across the domains of organisational culture, systems, processes and capabilities.

Start Consulting Website- http://startconsulting.com.au/
Danielle’s Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielledinse

In this interview we cover-

-The impact change management can make to your business.
-What is change management and why your business success relies upon it.
-How did Start Consulting start up and what are some of the incredible results Danielle has achieved.

:40- How Start Consulting Came About
3:11- What Is Change Management And Why Is It So Important
8:25- Most Exciting Things In Business
10:47- Amazing Results Generated In Business
15:54- Contact Danielle
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