The Healing Power Of Hypnotherapy – With Kris Kern of Mindy & Body Revival

Podcast interview with Kris Kern who operates Mind And Body Revival from the Wanneroo Small Business Expo.

Kris’s passion is to help ordinary people to break free and transform their lives to live life the way they want it.

Through her unique combination of hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, her vast knowledge of natural remedies and how the body functions Kris can help you change your life forever.

Whether it’s quitting smoking, losing weight, releasing trauma and fears or changing habits and patterns of a lifetime, if you’re ready for change, Kris will help you make it in record time, without drugs, side-effects, cravings or struggle.

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In this interview we discuss-
-How Hypnotherapy works
-How To Heal/ Overcome Pain and Issues Naturally
-The Benefits of Hypnotherapy in your life

:49- Driving Force Behind Business
2:05- What Is Hypnotherapy?
5:49- Problems That Hypnotherapy Help You Overcome
10:00- How To Create A Natural Pain Relief System
10:57- Contact Kris
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