The 3 P’s To Successfully Buying or Selling Property- With Yadi Gibson

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In this episode I interview Yadi Gibson from “Nesters Australia”.

Nesters is a Real Estate Company that makes buying and selling property simple and much more cost effective.

Nesters Australia is a fully licensed real estate company, providing a unique partnership model for our clients. They cut costs, increase service levels and provide greater control for clients, to help them get the best possible outcome for their property sale or purchase.

Nesters also offer a FREE fully transactional iOS and Android application, which allows buyers and sellers to interact directly, in a more controlled and supportive way.

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In this interview we discuss-

-How to regain control as a seller.
-Where the property market is heading.
-Transperancy and Price point.
-Some of the biggest challenges faced.

:51- History
3:35- Price, Position, Presentation
4:02- Transparency and Price Point
7:24- Taking Back Control As a Seller
11:20- Biggest Challenges Faced
13:22- Best Advice Received
16:26- Contact Yadi
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