Regaining control of your time and your life – With alicia menkveld

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Podcast interview with Alicia Menkveld who operates Small Business Success Skills from the Wanneroo Small Business Expo.

For the last 16 years Alicia has consulted for companies ranging from small businesses to listed corporate companies in the areas of business strategy, marketing and sales. She is a twice-published author and often speaks about business, bravery and productivity.

Small Business Success Skills works exclusively with business owners who want a better business and to have a life back.

Our business advice and programs combine business savvy with mindset, systems and the right support so you can pivot quicker and shorten your business growth learning curve, dramatically.
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:50- How Alicia Started Her Business Journey
1:42- When The Overwhelm Sets In
2:31- Working For A Tyrant… Ourself
4:55- Tips To Get Back Your Time As a Business Owner
5:20- Start Saying No
6:51- MI3
9:15- Moving Forward In Business
11:10- Walking Around With Business Shame
12:55- Contact Alicia
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