Local Newspaper Study Finds Readers Shop Local

The Cockburn Gazette recently polled their readers to see if they were willing to shop at locally owned establishments rather than always going to superstores and chain shops. The results were overwhelming. More than 90% of their readers said that they enjoy going to local stores and eateries. Hopefully, you feel the same way about your local businesses. It is vital that all in the community act on those feelings to support local enterprises. Here is why.

Local businesses help to maintain a sense of community pride and unity. After all, isn’t it nice when every shopkeeper remembers your name and maybe even how you take your coffee? It results in a feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction that is lacking for so many.

Small business owners from the community count on your support. While tourists generally focus on local unique places, there are only so many tourists to go around, especially in smaller towns. Local shoppers are the lifeblood of independent businesses and new startups.

Shopping local is also important for the economy within the community. When we spend our money where we live, those hard earned dollars get passed around to our neighbors instead of ending up in a massive corporate bank account. More business for local shops means growth and new local jobs. After all, when banks see local businesses thriving, they are more likely to provide capital for a new startup or a business expansion.

The biggest boon to the community is when family owned establishments do well. This allows parents to pass something on to their children and it keeps our children from having to look elsewhere for work (unless they want to).

The question is, how many will follow through on what they were willing to write on a questionnaire? It is one thing to say you will shop local, but another to actually do it when the superstore has a sale. Will you stop at the chain coffee shop while you are at the mall, or make plans to meet friends at a local establishment later on in the evening? These everyday decisions affect local business and the entire community, so think hard.

Finally, be sure to learn more about what D32 is doing for local businesses. This is a chance for you to be more directly involved in helping the community to thrive – because when our local businesses do better, we all do better.