Local Businesses Thrive With Recognition

local businesses thrive with recognition

We all like to receive praise when we accomplish something positive or outstanding, whether in our personal lives or in business. Children thrive with praise, and employees love commendation for a job well done. Local businesses also need recognition to thrive. Whether it is a trophy on the reception desk, a plaque on the wall, or even a sticker on the front door or window of the establishment, recognition builds trust in local consumers, and trust is a backbone of communities and local economies.

Why is recognition so vital for local businesses? The fact is that local businesses have to compete with brands that are well known on a global scale. The business world thrives on trust, so unless a consumer has a personal relationship with a local shop keeper, they are more likely to trust a nationally (or even internationally) well-known brand.

That means local businesses need recognition from outside sources to build trust in the community, and catch the attention of local consumers. It doesn’t take long for a reputable and reliable local business to turn a local consumer into a customer for life, but sometimes they need a little extra help creating consumer awareness first, and that’s where recognition comes in to play.

Perth is proud to have recently seen the addition of a local business to the WA Industry and Export hall of fame. MetroCount, a local business that manufactures both hardware and software for traffic monitoring purposes, received this high honor after just 27 years of building a reputation for excellence in Western Australia. This is not the only recognition MetroCount has received. The business was also the recipient of the Information and Communication Technology Export Award in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2014.

Recognition isn’t the only thing that helps to sustain local businesses. Building better communities and a stronger environment for sustaining local shops is the mission of District32 in summary. Help us make the community a better place by supporting local businesses and getting them the recognition they deserve for the hard work our local business owners put in, day in and day out, to make Western Australia a better place to live, work, and play.