District32’s Launch Event Was MEGA

Friday 10th April marked the beginning of an exciting movement sweeping Perth’s small business community. Over one hundred and thirty local business owners packed the Woodvale Reception Centre to launch District32. The purpose of the event? To unite small business owners in the fight against tough market conditions that are affecting our small and local businesses.The event featured a superb line-up of international and award winning speakers who shared high-value knowledge and inspirational stories with the packed-out room. The audience was completely captivated by the speakers and the content shared, many of the attendees describing the speakers as unbelievable in their feedback forms. Some of the insights shared include a wide range of ideas that will increase turnover and add efficiencies to small businesses, which clearly resonated with the very attentive audience.

One of the high calibre speakers presenting was Neil Butler fromEdith Cowan University, who gave insightful and proactive tips to business owners on how they can leverage of the huge pool of talent at the University to develop their business.  Many of the opportunities come cost neutral which clearly impressed the attendees. Neil, said of the event “I have presented at events internationally and domestically but truly feel that the atmosphere you created today was second to none. I have already received 49 emails relating to my presentation”.

Patria Jafferies, the much plaudited Australian National Telsta Businesswoman of the year in 2000 and the Co-Founder of Dome Cafes closed the event to an enraptured audience, many of whom admitted to holding back the tears whilst listening to Patria share her story. Following the event Patria revealed in an interview “I think the concept of District32 is really important to communities and if we can get people having the dialogue, I think it’s really important.”

District32 have devised a wide range of strategies to assist small businesses in connecting with their prospective customers, the overall goal being increased exposure, growth and profitability. District32 CEO, Lorraine Garvie, said “The feedback from today’s event has been extremely positive, we have given small businesses ideas and inspiration to takeaway, which they can easily implement into their businesses and their lives. The clients we are working with at present have benefited from our knowledge and they are already reaping rewards, even at this early stage.”

The audience was refreshed by morning tea followed by laughter yoga expert Peter Schupp who had 130 business people on their feet, stretching and laughing in uniformity, a true sight to be seen.  With laughter often being the best cure, no doubt the impact of Disrict32 (if the launch has set the standard), will cure many marketing and sales issues for business owners across Western Australia.

Local businesswoman, Christine Sutherland, said “Every small business owner in Australia should be deeply excited at what District32 has created, including outstanding alliances and access to resources so valuable that they can change the face of the whole SME sector”.

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