Creating A Standout Work Force In Your Business- With Elisia Coetzee

In this episode I interview Elisia Coetzee from “Hummingbird Consultancy”.

Elisia is the Founder and Director of Humming Bird Consultancy, Hummingbird Consultancy assists Small to Medium size businesses with the ability to be flexible, adaptable and to persevere in an ever changing business and HR landscape, by providing sound HR and IR services, advice and assistance.

Hummingbirds are also the only bird on earth that can move backwards. Hummingbird Consultancy therefore assists organisations with the ability to step back and to take a look at the big picture items in their business, whilst we make sure your business is compliant in all things people.

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:41- History
3:09- HR and IR advice for Business Owners
6:57- Most Exciting Things Happening
8:59- Maximising Your Leadership Potential
11:17- Most Positive and Most Hindering Habit
13:11- Making Sure All Of Your Contracts are Air Tight
15:03- Amazing Results For Clients
18:08- Contacting Elisia
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