Bridging The Communication Gap Between You and Your Audience- With Hilton Davidow

D32 Radio

In this episode I interview Hilton Davidow who operates “Appreneur”.

Appreneur helps businesses increase revenue and gain customer loyalty by leveraging mobile app and chatbot technology.

In this interview Hilton shares the power of Chatbots and how they can-deliver automated customer support, engage users in conversational commerce, provide rich content and interactive experiences and remarket users through automated message sequences.

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:35- History
2:18- How Chatbots Can Help Out Small Business
6:15- Streamlining and Automating Your Business With Chatbots
7:37- Achieving 80 Percent Open Rates On Your Messages
10:52- Is Chatbot Technology Spammy?
15:20- How Easy Is Chatbot Technology To Implement Into Your Business?
16:39- Results Generated
19:00- Most Exciting Things In Business
20:54- Contact Hilton

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