Awards Bring Credibility To Local Businesses

awards bring credibility to local businesses

When it comes to running your own local shop, it can be tough to compete with the branding of companies that have millions to spend on marketing. That makes winning an award for the business a big deal.

Whether you can put a sticker in the window, get a little publicity in the newspaper or can put the award in your company ads, it is sure to attract the attention of potential customers. When so many consumers shop based on brand reputation, winning an award can make the difference between struggling to compete with larger corporates and actually commanding the local market.

One example of a local success story is Quality Printers and Cartridges, based in Wangara. Last year they won Business of the Year at theStirling Business Association Small Business Awards. That, however, is not the locally owned company’s only claim to fame. The Joondalup Business Association’s North West Metro Small Business Awards gave them the same honor in 2013. The Telstra Australian Business Awards named them as a state finalist twice in recent years. This all adds up to a lot of good publicity.

Jason and Lisa Spark, the couple that owns the award winning business, are humble about their accomplishments. In fact, the next award that they are shooting for has a prize that goes to the winning company’s favorite charity. They have picked a charity close to their hearts since a family member suffers from Parkinson’s Disease.

District32 were lucky enough to have Lisa speak at our MEGA launch event in April. The attendees were blown away by Lisas professionalism and the examples she used to illustrate how Quality Printers and Cartridges go the extra mile to provide their customers with exceptional customer service.

Local businesses need all of the help that they can get when governments are constantly passing laws that only seem to benefit major corporations. These local honors are a great boost for the community and go a long way toward encouraging excellence. In connection with that, D32 is trying to do its share to help local businesses and communities thrive. How?

Our mission at D32 is to keep our comminity’s money in the community. When we invest in local businesses and reap the dividends of their success, the community grows and thrives together. Strong local business lead to strong families and community culture. We encourage everyone to get involved and to do his or her part to make Western Austrailia an even better place to live than it already is.

We congratulate Jason and Lisa Spark on yet another fine accomplishment, and we wish all of our dedicated local shop owners all the best in the 2015 award season. Look out for District32’s awards event coming later in the year.