Thinkify Bonanza

Thinkify Bonanza

Double your new monthly clients or we don’t get paid!

If you want to double your monthly client acquisitions without spending more on marketing, here’s a game-changing opportunity. 

Recently, we developed a performance marketing system that consistently doubled the number of new clients for our customers every single month, without them having to spend extra money on their marketing.  

This is, by far, the most effective client conversion system to date. We’ve seen too many businesses waste money on ads that don’t work or generate useless leads. This strategy attracts the most qualified new clients to your business. 

The best part? Our system uses real time data which filters out low-quality leads, resulting in faster conversions and less time spent processing inbound inquiries that never convert. We’re so confident in this approach that we guarantee we’ll double the number of new clients you gain each month – by 90 days – or we don’t get paid! 

Andrew Cameron, CEO Coote Family Lawyers, Melbourne said:  

“With the promise of better reach, better reporting, real time data and superior customer service we decided to go with Thinkify. 

Leigh had over promised and over delivered. Results were almost immediate, new markets and channels have opened up to us and the demographic of the clients we wanted to target has been right on point. 

The customer service is second to none. We have ample support, frequent review meetings and meaningful real time reporting 

I cannot recommend Leigh and his team at Thinkify highly enough” 

Even if you don’t have a marketing manager or you’ve got little to no experience with digital marketing, this solution will work for you. We handle the heavy lifting while you focus on growing your business. 

We’re a strong believer in quality over quantity when it comes to our clients and campaigns. This means we will have a cap on the number of new campaigns that we can accept through this offer.  

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Thinkify is the next evolution in performance marketing and is redefining the way businesses connect with their customers.

We help your business grow by targeting the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

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