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What tech do you need to run online courses, coaching programs and memberships? 

If you want to create a SCALABLE business – eg one that can keep growing without you having to work more and more hours and do more and more admin everytime you make a sale, then you are going to need to start using tech. 

But what tech do you need to run a successful business – especially one that includes courses, coaching programs, memberships, services and digital products? 

In this video I share the MUST HAVE tech features for a scalable business; but here’s a quick overview: 

  • Website or Web pages to sell your product(s) from 
  • Payment gateway so that you can receive payments 
  • Email marketing to collect email addresses 
  • CRM (customer record management system) so that you van manage your database and client records 
  • Learning management portal to host all of your courses, resources, videos and content 
  • Appointment booking system so that people can book free and paid calls with you 
  • Social media scheduler for marketing 

These tech features are the foundations of an effective and scalable business in todays world. 

Guess what? 

Tekmatix has ALL of these features (and much more) all in one system! 

Need help getting your tech set up? 

You get a FREE onboarding when you join Tekmatix, and in my Legends Lab and Concept To Course programs, I personally take you through getting all of your marketing and tech up and running. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

All in one CRM, marketing and course creation platform. TeekMatix. Love Your Tech.
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