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Your business is turning over $2M - now what?

The challenges facing business owners after they reach a seven-figure revenue are not the same as those experienced in the business’s early stages. At District32, we know you are thinking more about developing your leadership skills, scaling, and your exit strategy once you have cracked your first couple of million. We have created our Connect Premium Membership level to develop your business leadership acumen, connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs and tap into new business opportunities. Experience this exclusive Million Dollar business networking group by registering your Interest below.

Robert Kiyosaki
Robert Kiyosaki

Taking networking to the next level

District32 is the fastest-growing B2B business growth network in Perth. Our Premium membership is an exclusive group of successful business leaders, seeking new growth opportunities and collaborations to scale faster. As a Connect Premium member, you have the opportunity to brainstorm with other affluent business leaders at our monthly mastermind sessions and learn from industry experts on topics such as finance, investment, leadership, franchising, resource management and exit strategies. If you are the Director or CEO looking for a network with a growth mindset, you are welcome to join us at our next Premium event.


Scaling a business today requires a growth mindset. At District32 Premium Events, like-minded entrepreneurs work together to develop big ideas. There is no limit to what you can achieve in business when learning about and sharing new market opportunities, trends, and innovations. Elevate your thinking by leveraging the knowledge and wisdom of fellow business leaders.

It is through collaboration that we can catapult our businesses to new heights. At District32 Premium events, you have the unique opportunity to leverage other business leaders’ activities, contacts, and experiences. It’s through collaboration and leverage that we can achieve scale.

Only a leader can understand the challenges other leaders face. Where can you have in-depth discussions on key leadership topics with a small group of like-minded business owners? At our monthly events, you will get the opportunity to share your challenges and ideas with fellow leaders in a productive, efficient and confidential mastermind group session. Mastermind groups can solve million dollar problems and create million dollar opportunities.


Why choose District32 Connect Premium?

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What is District32?

District32 is Perth’s largest Business Growth Network! We know that business growth is a journey, and we’ve designed a four-stage growth program to assist business owners at each stage of business.  Our four membership levels are: Connect ACCESS for Start-ups, Connect BIG for businesses starting to grow their team, Connect GO for businesses with established teams and structure and Connect PREMIUM for businesses scaling fast.

With a combination of business-focused training sessions, business growth implementation tools and purpose-driven networking workshops and events, District32 is helping over 350 local businesses CONNECT, LEARN & GROW each week!

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