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Managing risks- Key Insurance Covers Contractors Should Have Before Starting Work

There are 3 Insurance certificates that your Contractors should give you before starting work. 

Insurer requirement 

Your insurer will often have a requirement in your insurance policies that you obtain and keep copies of the contractors’ certificates of currency on file for use in the event of a claim. 

Quick Tips for checking Contractors’ insurance certificates 

  • Insured Name – It’s also worthwhile checking the name of the Insured on the insurance certificate. Sometimes, the wrong company is insured; 
  • Current Insurance – are the dates on the insurance certificate correct 
  • Enough cover – Is the sum insured on the certificate the same as the contract requires or more; 
  • Recognised insurer – is the insurer a well-known insurer. 

It is recommended that all your contractors provide proof of the following insurance before starting work: 

Workers Compensation Insurance – Workers compensation insurance is required where the contractor is a Pty Ltd or where the contractor has their own workers (sole trader with employee/s or workers. Note: the insurance covers the employees or workers, not the sole trader business owner. 

Personal Accident (PA) Insurance – is preferred for sole traders as sole-traders usually cannot buy workers’ compensation insurance. PA pays a weekly benefit following an accident or illness that prevents the person from working for a number of weeks. 

Public & Product Liability Insurance – which covers legal costs and any court-awarded damages against claims for personal injury to third parties, as well as damage to property owned or in control. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance (if applicable) – where a contractor provides advice or services such as an engineer or provides advice as part of their contract, such as a builder. This policy covers legal costs and any court-awarded damages against claims a client suffered a financial loss after following your advice. 

It is important that contractors have the appropriate insurance in place. It is not only a requirement of your insurance that you obtain the certificates of insurance, but it will also help protect your trusted contractors from financial disaster if they don’t have insurance. 

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