Grow Your Business. Grow Your Network. Grow Yourself.

District32 is Perth’s premium business growth network where Perth’s business leaders and experts form meaningful relationships every month through structured business growth and mentoring workshops and events.

District32 is a business growth network and platform where you’ll grow yourself, your network and your business – whether you like it or not.

At District32, we know that fostering connections with leading business development experts and leveraging relationships is a sure-fire way to scale your business faster.  We’ve developed a series of business growth events which focus on your business’s key growth areas from leadership to social media.  We also know that when you put similar minded entrepreneurs in the same room with the same objectives that the magic of networking happens.

Our range of business workshops will provide you with the right strategies for exponential growth and success.

We help Perth’s business leaders build a quality network where you can improve your business development skills and connect with the right people and services to propel your business to success.


Why join District32?

District32 is not just a business networking group; we focus on business growth and development, making us an asset to our members. We offer a series of structured business events, educational seminars and practical business development resources designed to help you scale your business faster.

Business networking isn’t about selling your products or services; it’s about building lasting relationships and making the right connections to grow your business. At District32, we help you develop meaningful connections with like-minded entrepreneurs who will become key to your long-term success.

To grow your business to the levels of success you aspire to, you must think and act at levels of possibility that others have proven already proven available, but you haven’t managed to access yet.

Are you connected to leading business owners looking for new opportunities for referrals and business growth?

Our Promises to Our Members

Exponential Results ($$)

Revenue growth is a crucial goal for any business. At District32, we have structured referral programs designed to leverage business contacts so you can meet your revenue and profit targets.  You’ll also learn what your numbers are really telling you about your business.

Uncapped Opportunities (Growth)

Leverage relationships with your local business network.  Increase your network and commercialise connections to grow B2B referrals by tapping into Perth’s leading business network.  The wealthiest people in the world build networks so that they commercialise their relationships (everyone else looks for work). 

Strategic Shortcuts (Speed)

Reach your goals faster and prevent costly mistakes.

Leverage the collective insights and experience of others who have walked the path before you.  One proven idea can literally change your business over night and accelerate your results.

Membership level

Connect BIG


Local Circle Business Growth Events

Networking Opportunities

350+ Business members

Exclusivity per Industry

Connect GO


Monthly Business Maximiser Growth Events

Networking Opportunities

100+ Business Members

Exclusivity of Profession in Mastermind Groups



Monthly Connect Premium Events


30+ Business members

Exclusivity of Profession in Mastermind Groups

Do you have a strategy for networking?

We often meet business owners who do not have a clear set of goals for networking. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive eBook to debunk networking strategies and provide you with a clear framework for networking.

Book cover

Have you been thinking of networking for a while but still unsure?

We know that networking can seem a bit awkward at first, and it may not seem that it is a priority for your business right now. That is why we have put together a simple test to see if you are ready to join a Business Growth Network.


Take the test today; it only takes a few minutes.


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