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5 Tips to Minimise the Strain on Your Air Conditioning System During the Summer.

As the temperatures rise, so does our reliance on air conditioning to keep our homes comfortable. However, constant and incorrect use of your air conditioning system during the scorching summer months can put a significant strain on the unit, leading to decreased efficiency, increased energy bills, and even potential breakdowns. To ensure that your air conditioning system runs smoothly throughout summer, here are five valuable tips to help you minimise strain and maximise cooling efficiency. 

Regular Maintenance Checks: 

Much like a car, your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to function at its best. Before the summer heat sets in, schedule maintenance by a licenced professional for your air conditioning unit. This will include inspecting the ducting for tears and damage, inspecting and cleaning the filter (or replaced if necessary), checking the indoor unit, evaporator coils, condensate drain and emergency drain system to ensure they’re free from blockages and wear and tear. Regular maintenance not only improves the efficiency of your system but also extends its lifespan, saving you money on repairs and replacements in the long run. You can do this online by visiting our website or by contacting our service department on (08) 9331 8800.  

Optimise Controller Settings: 

Setting your controller at a reasonable and consistent temperature can significantly reduce the strain on your air conditioning system. Consider setting the controller to a comfortable but not overly cool temperature. We recommend running your air conditioner on cooling mode and high fan speed at a temperature between 22°C to 24°C. Additionally, investing in a programmable controller can help you schedule temperature adjustments based on your daily routines, allowing your system to work more efficiently and conserving energy when it’s not needed. 

A benefit of most modern air conditioning controllers is that you can download an app for your mobile phone and remotely control your air conditioner. This allows you to turn on/off the air conditioner, along with switching the fan speed too as shown below on the AirTouch 5. Perfect for improving efficiency and creating the ideal comfort. 


Keep the sun out: 

Letting the sun inside your home during those hot days simply isn’t a good idea. The heat of the sun hitting your windows will cause the temperature inside your home to rise. When you do end up turning your air conditioner on, the system will detect the high indoor temperature and run at maximum capacity for an extended period of time. Not only will this put excessive strain on the system, but it will use a lot of electricity in the process. Instead, opt to have tinting installed with UV reflective properties. Also, be sure to keep your curtains or shutters drawn for the whole day so that the sun is kept out, and coolness is kept in. Keeping the sun out not only eases the burden on your air conditioner but also contributes to lower energy bills by maintaining a consistent indoor temperature. 

Use Fans Strategically: 

Strategic use of fans can complement your air conditioning system by distributing cool air more efficiently. Ceiling fans, in particular, can create a breeze that makes you feel cooler, allowing you to set your controller a bit higher without sacrificing comfort. Using fans to circulate air effectively reduces the load on your air conditioner and promotes even temperature distribution throughout your home. 

Limit Heat Generating Activities: 

Certain activities and appliances can contribute to increased indoor temperatures, making your air conditioning system work harder. During the hottest parts of the day, try to limit the use of heat generating appliances such as ovens, stoves, and clothing dryers. Instead, opt for these activities during the cooler evening hours. Additionally, consider using energy efficient lighting and appliances that produce less heat. These small adjustments can collectively alleviate strain on your air conditioning system and contribute to a cooler and more comfortable home. 


The Takeaway: 

Taking proactive measures to minimise the strain on your air conditioning system not only ensures a more comfortable living environment but also extends the life of your unit and reduces energy costs. By incorporating these five tips into your summer routine, you can enjoy efficient cooling without overburdening your system. Remember, a well maintained and thoughtfully managed air conditioning system is not only good for your comfort but also for your wallet and the environment. Stay cool and beat the summer heat wisely! 

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