Education and Skill Development

Too many business owners lack the level of skill or knowledge required to successfully run their business. It’s little surprise then that more than 60% of start-ups cease to operate after three years.

Our own surveys of business owners revealed:

Less than 5% had a documented sales plan
Only 5% had business development activity in their weekly diary
The majority 85% are interested in learning how to become better ‘networkers’ and how to turn networking into business

At District32, we can help you to build on your existing personal strengths, skills and abilities. We also provide you with an appropriate peer network that offers invaluable ongoing support, training and accountability.

By joining District32, you will learn how to build better relationships and help to future-proof your business. And, if you’ve already survived your first three years, we can help you to achieve the growth you’re seeking.

From developing your networking and sales skills to building key relationships, we will support you and hold you accountable for building your business’s success.

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