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Become a Best-Selling Author, Leader, and Person of Grit

Unlock a world of opportunities! By sharing your stories of innovation, perseverance, and triumph, you not only inspire others but also elevate your own profile in the business world. Imagine the impact on your credibility, the surge in speaking engagements, and the surge in PR and media opportunities.

Join the esteemed community of District32 Members in this incredible journey of sharing your business growth saga. Together, we’re creating a tapestry of success stories that resonate far and wide. As a member, you have the chance to become a best-selling published author, solidifying your position as a thought leader and influencer in your field.

Every story matters, and your unique journey could be the spark of inspiration someone else needs. Let’s craft a narrative of triumph together, leaving an indelible mark on the world of business.

“Writing a book is a tremendous experience. It pays off intellectually. It clarifies your thinking. It builds credibility. It is a living engine of marketing and idea spreading, working every day to deliver your message with authority.”

– Seth Godin

Something very exciting is happening at District32.

In January 2024, we’ll be launching our first book called The Power of Community and Connection. This book will be a collection of 32 stories about innovation, perseverance and triumph in business, and the authors will be sharing their knowledge to support other entrepreneurs and small business owners through some of the common pitfalls and mistakes we’ve all made when starting out.

What's included

Imagine being a part of it...

You as a best-selling author and how it could impact your business! You’ll increase your credibility as a business leader and be recognised as an authority in your industry. Not only that, sharing your story and advice is a great way of giving back to the community.

And District32 is making it easy for you. You’ll be professionally assisted along the way – so this is open to all business owners with a story to tell, no matter what your writing ability. The promotion for this launch will be next level, with the book being distributed, not only online, but through bookstores across Australia.

So, express your interest today and discover how you can easily become a best-selling author!

What's in it for the contributors

Contributors will become published authors with their books available worldwide, including on Kindle, and they’ll receive comprehensive support, including two Zoom sessions to discuss chapter structure and address any questions, along with a full edit, professional proofread, typesetting, and cover design; authors will be provided with one copy and a special discount code to get your print copy at a highly discounted rate. When you sell your copies for RRP you get the profits! Furthermore, the book will be published through the high-profile platform KMD Books, known for its numerous #1 bestsellers, and authors will have the opportunity to participate in promotional events, book signings, and have their books on sale in local Perth bookstores.

Where it will be promoted

Benefits of grabbing this opportunity

Being a part of this initiative provides you with a platform to showcase your expertise and insights to a wider audience, potentially leading to increased recognition in your field. It allows you to contribute to the community by sharing valuable knowledge and experiences, enriching the collective learning experience.

Ready to make your mark? Express your interest and join us in this exciting journey!

Join us and Tracey Regan of All Things Writing as we make District32 history.

Frequently Asked Questions

The investment required to be part of this exciting project is $1200 (+GST) made as a one-off payment, or an option to pay via 3 x monthly payments. (Don’t forget your potential ROI of over $1000 in personal book sales).

15 spots are gone for $800+GST – next 10 spots for $1200+GST (payment plans available). 

  • Your inspirational story
  • 1500-2500 word chapter by due date of 15th November
  • Up to 500 word bio and professional image

If you’re concerned about your writing style – don’t worry, your chapter will be professionally edited and there are also options to voice your story or receive extra writing support.

The extra writing support starts from as little as $250 for personal support to $600 for voice transcripts and ghost-writing.

You can express your interest by sending an email to Lorraine at lorraine@district32.com.au. Simply reach out with your enthusiasm to be a part of this exciting venture!

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