Grow Your Business in Perth

Ready to Scale your Small Business?

You have been in business for a few years and have a team you can rely on; now, it’s time to scale. At District32, we know that having the right connections, business know-how and leadership support are fundamental to growing businesses faster. That is why we are bringing together business owners turning over $500,000 a year, at our monthly Connect Go Maximiser event to:

  • Develop business acumen with expert seminars
  • Connect with like-minded growth mindset leaders
  • Collaborate to drive business further through mastermind Q&A groups

Experience the power of Connect Go by attending the upcoming Maximiser event as a guest.

Collaborate to Leverage Relationships

District32 is the only business growth networking in Australia, where businesses come together not to drive sales alone but to collaborate and create new business opportunities. A Connect Go membership gives you the opportunity to meet a variety of business experts each month at your complimentary business seminars to elevate your leadership skills. A Connect Go membership also gives you access to our online business resource portal and members directory, where you can expand your knowledge and network simultaneously! it is through developing ourselves as leaders that we can achieve sustainable growth in our businesses.

What is included in your Connect Go Membership:

  • 8 Weeks Rapid Growth Workshop
  • Full Day of Sales, Marketing and Profit Training
  • Monthly Business Growth Maximiser Seminar and workshop event
  • Global Membership Directory
  • Business Mentoring Mastermind Groups
  • Online Business Education Programs
  • Opportunity to present at a Maximiser event
  • Complimentary Listing on District32 Directory
  • Access to District32 Online Business Resource Portal
  • Promotional opportunities on District32 Social Media platforms
  • Access to monthly Ladies Events
  • Access to Quarterly Sundowners


Each monthly Business Maximiser Event runs for 4 hours. You’ll hear business experts sharing their knowledge and expertise to help you to grow your business. In addition, key business topics such as profitability, resource management, legal compliances, and marketing are explored at this membership level to develop business acumen and enable you to become a better business leader. As a Connect GO Member, you can now develop your business leadership skills with a complimentary full-day Scale Sales, Marketing and Profit Training day and also access our 8-weeks Rapid Sales Program.

As a Connect Go member, you will have the opportunity to present your business at a Business Maximiser event. Each maximiser event attracts over 80 local business owners each month, as they come together to learn new business management skills and connect with like-minded leaders to scale their business faster. There are opportunities to promote your success story and brand vision with your fellow members during your mastermind sessions and you’ll also create many new connections during open networking and speed networking activities. The knowledge shared and problems solved in our Maximiser events is priceless; learn from real business experience and create new business opportunities by joining Connect GO.

Go Global with District32. By joining the District32 Connect GO membership level, you can tap into the local and Global membership directory. Access exclusive business platforms where business owners from around the globe meet online to grow their network. Your network is your net worth in business. People tend to do business with people they know first. District32 brings together business leaders looking for new business opportunities, partnerships, and business development ideas. It’s time to connect with a bigger network and create new business opportunities globally. Connect GO will help your business go further locally and internationally!


Why choose District32 Connect Go?


District32 Maximiser events are exceptional both as an employee and employer. At Universal Electro Tech we have had an opportunity to sponsor the event, providing excellent brand awareness with existing members and guests. I always walk away from these events feeling like I have increased my business acumen while leveraging meaningful connections. The opportunities presented at the Maximiser are invaluable, from speakers, to speed networking and engaging in mentoring sessions with industry experts. It is an environment where you are supported by the team at District32 and its members to not only grow personally and professionally but to succeed. Highly recommended!
R Hocknell

Sales and Marketing Manager

What is District32 about?

District32 is a global business network focusing on empowering business owners through educational sessions, networking events and mastermind groups.