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You’re in regional WA and looking for new avenues to grow your business and your network but you can’t always get to Perth to attend events. We invite you to learn more about our Connect REGIONAL WA membership option if this sounds like you. The District32 Connect REGIONAL WA membership option allows you to join both online and face-to-face business growth events according to your availability.

It allows you to connect with business owners in Perth and WA in its glorious entirety. Getting support from a group of professionals and learning from industry experts will help you grow your business, yourself and your network.

“In today’s rapidly changing world, the people who are not taking risk are the risk takers.” – Robert Kiyosaki

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Take Networking to the Next Level

Our Connect REGIONAL WA membership allows you to utilise all the tools you need to grow your business with a network of experienced businesses owners, all from the comfort of your remote home or office. You’ll have access to chat with business owners who have been through what you are going through and can share their knowledge and experience.

Benefits of Connect REGIONAL

Skills You Will Develop

Becoming a REGIONAL Member will give you access to over 50 online short videos and downloadable cheat sheets to help you to upskill in sales, marketing and networking. You’ll also develop as a leader through online mentoring and training. You’ll learn how to connect with others, how to have the perfect one to one meeting, and how to position yourself for growth.

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Connect REGIONAL Membership Key Outcomes

As a Regional Member, the relationships you foster will lead to many exciting opportunities for your business and your brand. You’ll meet and engage with members who are as keen as you are to develop their business. In today’s fast-paced environment, a “do-it-alone” approach is not the best strategy for growth. Companies that initially grew organically need to now look for new ways to drive innovative collaboration that delivers on what their customers need today – and into the future.

How We Deliver

Leverage Relationships

From comfortable to bullet-proof

Connections and relationships are vital for the growth of your business to move from predominantly working solo to being part of a bullet-proof support network. A bullet-proof network is one where you can easily access mentors, industry experts, supporters, and referrals.

It’s also a network where you can leverage the contacts and activities of others so that you can reach your goals faster. It’s not what we know that transforms our business, but who we know we can rely on and who’s as interested in our success as we are theirs. Relationships are everything in business.

Drive Business

From good to booming

The ability to drive business is crucial, and to get to the first $100k or $1M we must be drivers of sales, marketing, and referrals. When we’re getting established, we wear all the hats – from sales and marketing to recruitment and finance, and it’s hard to do alone.

It’s not the best service provider who wins but the best marketer who wins and to do that we need to learn everything we can about how to drive business.

Unlike a good business, a booming business depends on your ability to get in front of the right people. With 85% of all business still coming from referrals and 9/10 of buyers beginning their buying process with a referral, your first lead funnel should be your referral funnel.

District32 is a premium platform that allows you to boost your brand and turbo-charge referrals.

Elevate Thinking

From comfortable to bold

Elevated thinking is vital for business owners to move from complacent thinking to bold. The primary systems in business are those for thinking and influence and often, it’s not the smartest business owners who succeed but the boldest and most visionary.

District32 promotes a culture of bold thinking. By increasing our business acumen and having access to group wisdom, we can stretch the realms of possibility. We challenge the status quo to elevate your thinking through our mastermind forums and access to expert speakersOne proven idea can literally change your business overnight and accelerate your results.

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Live Streamed Hybrid Events

Live stream events allow you to be part of the buzz. You’ll access the same experts and training as business owners in Perth, and you’ll grow your network in our online speed networking during breaks.

Live stream events allow you to get involved with chat, QA and online discussions to connect with the speakers and participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when you book a ticket to a live stream event, you’ll also get access to the recording as long as you’re a District32 Member.

We use an online platform that automatically switches you to the next person. You’ll login to our system and have 12 new 4-minute meetings every 2 weeks.

All District32 Members have full access to the private Members’ directory. You can also connect via our very active online community group and through our online events.

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