Grow Your Business Online

Just starting in business and need to grow your network?

At District32 we know that starting a business can be daunting. Not only do you feel overwhelmed by all the new business jargon, but you now have to find new clients and FAST! This is why we have created Connect Access. As a Connect Access member, you can access one monthly online interactive business growth event and develop your business acumen with our 101 education segments, mastermind sessions, and one to one meetings with other business owners. This is a 2-hour jammed-packed business-to-business session, where you get to connect, learn and grow taking your business to the next level. Each event allows you to develop your business acumen and grow your network. In addition, Connect Access members will benefit from accessing a full day of sales, marketing and profit training.

Become A Pro at Networking

We often meet business owners who do not have a clear set of goals for networking. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive eBook to debunk networking strategies and provide you with a clear framework for networking.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that your net worth is your network. Experience the power of connection and networking at our next Connect Access event.


District32 has over 500 businesses within the network. As a member you will have the opportunity to interact and learn from them all throughout the year. Through our online portal, you will get the chance to search, contact, and learn about the local business community members. You will also have access to Speed Networking events, Maximiser business seminars and Sundowners. There are always great opportunities to meet new people and tap into new business opportunities. By joining as a Connect ACCESS member, you can participate in many events throughout the year, but more importantly, you increase your network – our most valuable asset in business.

Where can you go to get a quick crash course in the critical areas of business growth or leadership development? Business owners often don’t have the time to participate in business courses while managing their business, especially start-ups. As business owners, we need access to business tools and resources relevant to every stage of business. District32 Connect ACCESS does precisely that. Each month we touch on critical business topics from lead generation to social media to financial forecasting – we cover all aspects you need to increase sales so that you start recruiting resources to help you grow. PLUS, you have post video resources and tools you can access anytime from our online member portal.

You can’t go into business alone. Yet, small business owners will spend the first few years doing everything by themselves, which is highly stressful. With Connect ACCESS, you can share your challenges with the network and get helpful feedback that can help you to avoid critical mistakes during your business journey. Our members are not here to sell, sell, sell. Instead, we have created a collaborative community of leaders who want to help each other grow faster by sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience. Working together to drive business further is what we live by at District32.



Experience Our Business Community Online and Offline

What is District32?

District32 is a local and global business network focusing on developing your business leadership skills through educational seminars, business growth events and networking opportunities. If you are looking for a place to grow personally and professionally look no further.

‘As the world becomes a more digital place, we cannot forget about the human connection.’
Adam Neumann