Why is building connections so important for growing your business?

Can you imagine someone like Richard Branson going it alone? He, and others like him, always has a successful team around him. More than that, he has built up a wealth of global business connections that he can also rely on.

Who do you rely on? Can, and do, others rely on you?

As business owners, we may not see our inter-connectedness at first. But, whether it’s other business owners, family, staff, members of your local community, etc., everyone is connected in some way.

Moreover, we all rely on each other to grow. That’s why collaboration in business works so well; its businesses helping other businesses which in turn serves our local economy and communities. Then from those local communities, loyal customers emerge who feed into our business success and growth, and so it goes on.

If we’re fortunate, the cycle continues in our favour. But we need to show up. We need to be credible. We need to be trustworthy. And we need to be reliable. Does this describe you? It should. Because when people see that we are authentic in all that we do, and that we truly care, they are more ready to connect and do business with us.

And the circle of being connected continues. Are you a part of a connected circle?

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