What Is a Sales-Orientated Business?

A sales-oriented business meets its sales targets, has substantial cash flow, a growing market share, a stable long-serving staff, and delivers a desired lifestyle for all stakeholders. Chief decision-makers know it is critical to bullet-proof sales using an organisational sales-focused approach for the business to not only survive but thrive. Furthermore, all staff are aware of the company’s sales plan and aspirations.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and success will only come if the whole organisation is in tune with its market.

Sales-orientated businesses have a sales focus, from reception through to stores, with all staff understanding the importance of their input in selling the company’s goods and services. It follows, therefore, that everyone in any business is in sales, regardless what their business card states. In business, everyone is in sales, and when it’s sales-oriented, everyone has a role to play in the sales success of the company.

We all operate in a free market economy; it is how well businesses do in this market that determines the measure of their success. The business cycle is the same for everyone – it all looks quite simple really, sales = cash flow = profit = growth = enjoyable lifestyle.

However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and no matter what we do, we are subject to market forces.

There will always be;

  • Competition – adds pressure and challenges you to achieve sales and market share.
  • Pricing pressures – discounting is the ‘soft’ option to increase sales.
  • Delivery – whoever does this better usually wins; delivering on what you promise is paramount.
  • New Products & Services – are just around the corner, so be alert and keep up with trends.
  • Demographic Change – it’s dangerous to think that if you’re on a good thing, stick with it.
  • The Unexpected – mother nature, natural disasters, etc. can impact elements of your business.

In all businesses, success is evident in some areas; while others need attention. Only by consistently reviewing all areas that affect the sales performance will these be discovered. Introducing regular, systematic reviews can help desired results be achieved and help to combat free market forces.

The sales effort requires the same level of attention as does supply, production, accounts, servicing and financing. Without being resolute and committed to sales, the business will suffer, and therein lies the difference between mere survival and prosperity.

By having a thorough review of those areas in your business that support sales will give focus and put the process on the level it deserves.

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