The Human Connection

Human connection: What does this mean to you? What does human connection do for you? Are online connections enough? Perhaps you’re not yet sure of the purpose of forging meaningful connections and what they can bring to your business and to you personally?

When you attend events, do you think people are there just for the referrals? Are they dull, boring or repetitious where you see the same faces spouting the same stories? Or, do you see professionals who bring energy to the room and are willing to share their ideas and strategies for growth?

Even if you’re shy or an introvert, making face-to-face connections with professionals who are successful and energised can help lift your spirits and increase your confidence levels. Most entrepreneurs who are successful want to help others to grow their business too. It’s worth noting that by sharing their expertise and strategies about how to tackle obstacles and apply different problem-solving techniques also helps them to grow personally and professionally. Who are you more likely to give referrals to? Someone who avoids you and doesn’t share anything of themselves, or someone who goes out of their way to help you?

Not all relationships need to be face-to-face – online relationships can be equally dynamic if you find the ‘right fit’ for you. There’s much to be said for professional groups who meet online regularly to bounce ideas around and encourage each other. You could create/join an online mastermind group of business professionals from around the globe and/or attend online events, while attending events in person, giving you the best of both worlds.

Whichever way is best for you, it’s essential that you make meaningful connections. In doing so, you may feel energised to take risks or try something new, which doesn’t have to be about your current business; it could be developing a new business from a hobby, or just doing something with a group of others for fun.

When you next attend a networking event, you may want to think about the ‘why’ regarding connections and their importance in your life. Go with an open and inquisitive mind to learn something new.

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