The Art of the Sales Conversation

Success in the sales process comes down to the salesperson having the ability to be a good communicator.  This ability will be the difference between being able to achieve a sale or just having a casual meeting.  

Salespeople need to adapt and be flexible in all situations because their role is to achieve a sale.  This can only be attained via an open two-way conversation.  Selling involves interaction with people. And, while success depends on several factors, the main role of the salesperson is to listen, provide answers and keep their objective in mind throughout 

Twelve things to remember in your conversations (presentations) with prospects: 

  • People like to feel they “bought” and were not “sold”.  
  • A good presentation will build your reputation. 
  • Be interested and be interesting. 
  • Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious. Enthusiasm sells. 
  • Always keep your objectives in mind; that there is a plan entering a meeting.  
  • Have a structure and map around a sales meeting – control where the meeting is going. 
  • Anticipate objections and know the top 10 frequent ones that come up. 
  • Know what your competition is offering. 
  • Develop a high standard of delivery. 
  • Take the time to gain knowledge – NEVER make assumptions. 
  • Remember, selling is all about explaining features and benefits. 
  • Be observant and use what you see and hear to build rapport.

The success or otherwise of any sales conversation depends largely on the salespersons ability to communicate their message effectively. Clear communication is vital and requires a high level of thought and consideration of your client’s requirements and their needs as a buyer.  

However, it all starts with a meeting between the seller and a prospect.  It’s in those first few minutes of the sales meeting and how well the salesperson communicates that will determine the outcome. 

“Communication is to (sales) relationships what breathing is to life”. Virginia Satir. 

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