Strengthening Our Connections

Where, what or who do you get your inspiration to succeed from?

Many of us have had a tough upbringing which spurred us on to achieve greater things so that we and our kids have better lifestyles. For others, it’s parental, persistent encouragement from childhood to always ‘try your best’ regardless of the task or activity that has given us a strong work ethic. Perhaps you were inspired by a sibling or extended family member who overcame adversity to succeed in life and in business?

Often, we are inspired by an event that sparks a light in us, or a business and/or world leader was influential in helping to ignite the flame within. Man landing on the moon inspired many to become astronauts or scientists whereas someone like Richard Branson inspired entrepreneurs. Barack Obama becoming the first black American to become president of the USA has influenced thousands, if not millions, to see that barriers can be broken and that you can achieve what you set your mind to. There are so many influencers out there.

What keeps you going in business? Perhaps you’re breaking down your own personal barriers? Maybe it’s the financial freedom success could bring? Do you continue to strive so that you can improve your lifestyle and that of your family? Or, is it simply the impetus to succeed no matter what?

Whatever the reasons, it is the connections we make that help propel us forward and to keep going regardless of the numerous hurdles we may face. Recognising and strengthening our connections, whatever or wherever they may be, gives us greater scope to develop and grow both professionally and personally.

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