Sales leaders: Is your team selling online in the new normal?

The year 2020 will be viewed as having an impact across so much of what we took for granted.  Restrictions on human contact, gatherings at sports events, family get-togethers, travel and dining out became the norm.  Traditional sales meetings with prospects were also affected and have reconvened online.  Is your team adapting in this new frontier of online selling?

Salespeople need to adjust to the new normal as many prospects will prefer to stay online even when face-to-face options return.  Therefore, what are the top things your team needs to be aware of in this new environment?

  1. Use of Technology – As a foundation, your team must understand how to navigate the online process, from sending invites for meetings such as Zoom, to navigating the tools of the platform.
  2. Environment – It’s essential that the lighting, audio, camera and sitting position look professional when meeting online.  Salespeople may need initial support from the sales leader and will look to their leader to inspire confidence in all areas of the sales arena.
  3. Use of Visuals – The salesperson loses some of the key indicators from face-to-face meetings, such as body language; however, the prospect must remain engaged and using visuals can be a critical component of engagement. Being able to share these live on-screen requires a degree of competency to ensure the flow of the meeting.
  4. Presentation Skills – Salespeople tend to have good presentation skills. However, adjusting to a new platform can take time, so training will prove invaluable to ensure they hit the ground running. Sales Leaders doing practice runs with follow-up reviews can add value and instil confidence.

To ensure their teams gain an advantage in the new normal, it’s critical that team leaders are familiar with online tools, developments in technology, and provide relevant training while providing ongoing support.

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