Networking is about planting relations

Do you believe in the concept of ‘six degrees of separation’? Various experiments have indicated that with the advent of social media, this could be as low as four degrees. Basically, the idea is that by connecting with one person, you can reach someone of importance and value to you in six steps or less. Sounds impressive, huh? 

When you look at it from a networking viewpoint, think of the number of potential connections you can make from one introduction. The person you meet and engage with doesn’t have to be a great leader or influencer. Indeed, they may just be starting out, but you may just get that knowing sense that they are going places and that they will succeed. Building a meaningful connection with that person at the start of their journey may lead to reciprocal business benefits in the futureor it may even be that you develop an interesting friendship. Either way, you win. 

However, be careful. Don’t go to networking events to only seek out those you know can help you. For example, you might only be seeking them out because you want to be introduced to their network or because you know they can help you to grow your business without giving anything in return. You’ll soon be sussed out and given a wide berth. Instead, find out as much as you can about the person you meet, not to find out if they can be helpful to you and/or your business, but to find out how you can help them. Sometimes even the influencers and CEO’s need support too. It doesn’t have to be related to business either. It could be that you can help with a personal situation or be a shoulder to lean on. 

Be generous of spirit when meeting new people. Your genuine helpfulness and kindness will shine through and attract people to you. From there, many other relationships and connections will form. Before you know it, you’ll be connected to the people who are able to support you in more ways than you can imagine.  

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