Mindset in Sales – Attitude

When you think about it, nothing happens in business until someone sells something. However, selling is a very personal and emotional profession. It is for this reason some salespeople perform much better than others. Same product, same service and with different people in the sales role can yield such varying results.

Many have tried sales; many have contemplated attempting sales. The discipline required and the ability to handle the negativity are common factors to failed attempts in sales roles. A common thread that connects all successful salespeople is their Attitude.


Fine-tuning your attitude improves how you think and develops a positive self-talk habit.

“You can’t constantly perform in a manner inconsistent with how you see yourself.” Zig Ziglar.

Success in sales is hard to achieve without the will to develop a positive attitude and self-confidence. The good news is, we each have full control of how we think and can be trained to develop a positive attitude. A positive attitude is like any other habit – the longer you have it the stronger it becomes.

Salespeople need to see themselves as successful and expect to win every time, so it becomes a self -fulfilling habit. All successful salespeople believe in expectation; they expect their presentation to go well, they expect the customer will buy and through their expectation, the fear of failure fades away.

The right attitude helps salespeople to keep selling through the inevitable difficult times by keeping all things in perspective. Self-belief is the by-product of a positive attitude and results in a rewarding career as a salesperson.

Success in selling requires an attitude and desire for lifelong learning and self-improvement.

Results will not just happen. Risks in many forms are there and future income and success depend on how these challenges are approached.

Salespeople need the ability to objectively look at what they do and commit to making changes. How a salesperson reacts to market pressures, economic situations, prospects demands, competition and all the other factors comes down to maintaining a positive attitude. How you react is dependant on your attitude.

Developing an attitude that sees beyond the negative is so powerful a weapon to have in your sales armour that it stops you from joining the ranks consigned to the sales wasteland.

“We become what we think about most of the time.” Earl Nightingale.

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