Human Compassion and Kindness

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, countless people are having to adjust to unique circumstances. Families are temporarily separated. People are advised to stay at home except for essential circumstances. When out, we are required to keep a safe social distance. Beaches are often found to be no-go areas or closedIndividuals are isolating. Others are in quarantine. Mental ill health can easily override our best efforts to stay healthy. While working from home is recommended, many businesses have been in lockdownNumerous livelihoods are suffering; and many businesses won’t recover.  

Yes, these are unique and tough times. But, if we look through positive lenses, it isn’t all doom and gloom. 

Human compassion and kindness have proven to be exceptional during these challenging circumstances. Around the world, people who are able are delivering food and medicine to those who are most vulnerable. Even Harry and Meghan are getting in on the act. Neighbours are helping neighbours, if only to share a few words from a safe distance. Many online hubs have been created to support local communities with advice and practical help. 

Volunteers from all walks of life are helping with distribution and delivery of foodstuff and other essentials like protective equipment for frontline workersPeople are doing their best, but unfortunately some charities are losing out as fundraising activities have been interrupted due to the lockdown and social distancing.  

However, some people are finding novel ways to raise funds. You may have heard of Captain Tom in the UK. He is a veteran of WW2 and he was 100 years old on the 30th of April. Earlier in the month and using a walking aid, he set out to lap his property 100 times to try and raise £1000 for National Health Service charities. On the morning of his birthday, he had raised over £30M! He has been overwhelmed by the gratitude that the people of the UK and other countries, including royals, are showing him – school pupils had to help sort out his mail in a hall after receiving over 100,000 birthday cards! No wonder there are calls that he be given a knighthood for services to his country.  

What a fabulous, uplifting, good news story! Let’s focus more on these. 

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