How You Can Leverage Other People’s Contacts, Time & Activities

Are you a director or CEO looking to grow and scale your business with faster results? In today’s competitive world, we all know we must work smarter, not harder and leveraging other people’s time, contacts and activities could be the strategy you need to take your business from good to booming. To successfully scale a business, top business leaders know that we can accomplish so much more with a team of experts than we can alone. And when you leverage your relationships in an established and proven network, you’ll have easy access to mentors, industry experts, supporters and referrals.  

So let’s take a closer look at leverage, what it means within a network and what it can do for your business. 

What is leverage?

One definition of the word leverage is to use something to maximum advantage.  Applying a strategy to achieve maximum advantage within an established network where we are known, liked and trusted could be the biggest asset in our business. Being part of the right network, forming trusted alliances and having a support framework gives us access to unexpected opportunities and an exponential number of connections. 

3 ways ‘leveraging’ an established network can improve your business:

  1. Contacts – Your database and your network is your net worth, but alone, can often take years to build. So, how can you leverage your network to improve your number of contacts? Simply put, being part of an established networking group gives you access, not just to your database, but to the connections of everyone within the network.  Just being a part of a network, in itself, will give you credibility and by nurturing your relationships, your contacts, through other people’s connections, could be limitless.   
  2. Time – Time is an extremely valuable commodity and using time wisely can have a huge impact on your business productivity and growth. So how can you best leverage other people’s time within your network? It stands to reason that your time is most valuably spent doing what you love and/or are expert in.  Having access to a variety of services, products and industry experts through your network allows you to prioritise while employing the skills and assets of others to efficiently complete tasks. This will allow you to leverage other people’s time and make best use of yours. 
  3. Activities – As part of a trusted business growth community, you get to leverage the activities of everyone else in the network.  How does that work?  When you build relationships within a network, you get to know and understand the needs of everyone else and vice versa. This means that each time any Member meets a new prospect, they can be listening for you as well.  Imagine having 30 business owners all looking for work on your behalf, what impact would that have on your business? 

Use the power of networking to leverage

Being part of a proven networking group gives you scope to be in the right room with the right people to access the right opportunities. A networking group will fast-track your business relationships, allowing you to quickly build a reliable and trusted network. With 85% of new business coming from referrals, access to a business network can boost your brand and turbo-charge your referrals.  Remember though, it’s not a one-way street.  Being part of a network where you can leverage business through each other requires that you give as well as receive, nurture relationships and collaborate authentically with network members.  

“…’re making full use of all your resources, you’re cultivating relationships instead of forcing them. It’s about respect and collaboration, not manipulation.” Tony Robbins* 

District32 is a business growth network that empowers business owners to exceed their expectations through exponential results, uncapped opportunities and strategic shortcuts. So, when you’re looking to leverage your business with other people’s contacts, time and activities, talk to us about the strategies we use to leverage the best possible outcome for all.  


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