Get Consumers Laughing To Boost Sales

get consumers laughing to boost sales

A recent study showed that nearly half of people find ads that make them laugh are the ones they connect with. Local business do well to work in harmony with this trend. A local shopkeeper cannot afford to have a commercial run as long or air as often as a corporation. That means your ads need to be the most memorable, and humor can certainly help you.

Take for example the corporate giant Cisco. Obviously, they were not going to be selling their $80,000 router to the average person. This was a business to business transaction. That didn’t stop them from having some fun with the ad. They made a retro commercial and posited that the ASR 9000 would make a great gift for a loved one on Valentine ’s Day. The whole ad was done as a satire, and it plugged the main benefits of the product while giving corporate purchasers a good laugh.

After all, for $80,000 you should get more than just a high end router.

So how can you apply the same concept when advertising for a small business? Here are some tips to put into use.

What is craziest way that someone could use your product? This was the Cisco approach with a piece of corporate equipment being advertised as a gift for a lover. What would be an absurd way to use your product?

Does your service solve a problem? Consider what would happen without your service. Now magnify that a hundred fold until it is truly ridiculous. Do you clean houses? Don’t just show a dirty house, your employee goes in, and then a clean house afterwards. Make the inside of the house a jungle filled with snakes or a swamp with alligators. Exaggeration is a great way to display humor.

Finally, have fun at your own expense. You are not trying to downgrade your company and hurt its reputation. Just do not be afraid to laugh at yourself and get consumers laughing with you. We love businesses that don’t take themselves too seriously all of the time.

Hopefully, this article got the creative juices flowing, and you can come up with a memorable ad that brings in more customers. Besides just high-quality advertising, there are other ways to help your local business to thrive. Local shopkeepers can contact D32 to see how you can gain additional support from the local community.

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