Do Extroverts Develop More Connections Than Introverts?

It may seem kinda obvious to answer ‘yes’. After all, extroverts enjoy being the centre of attention and meeting new people. In contrast, many introverts would rather sit in the shadows.  

Today’s world of connectedness suits extroverts and they thrive among groups of people, whether actually or via the internet. They can make excellent team leaders.  

Introverts, on the other hand, will meet with others on their terms, often prefer their own company, work very well on their own and often choose solo careers(Don’t confuse being an introvert with being shy as shyness is more about anxiety and the fear of not being liked or not fitting in.)  

It stands to reason, therefore, that extroverts will meet more people and develop more relationships.  

However, the quality of the relationships formed are the same for extroverts as for introvertsPeople will gravitate towards a handful of individuals that they will forge deep and meaningful connection with, perhaps even only one or two, over many years. Indeed, some will become spouses, while others will grow to become lifelong business partners. 

You can’t force a relationship, only nurture it. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, seek to make connections that suit you, your personality, and your lifestyle.  

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