Develop meaningful business relationships

While it’s great if we can find and tune into those almost instant connections, forming meaningful business relationships can take commitment, perseverance and time.  

How do you approach or engage with someone you don’t know at a networking event? Are you friendly and give them your full attention? Or, are you there but not fully present because you’re scanning the room to find someone more interesting? Be wise and listen intently to the person you’re with, or you may miss out on that special nugget of information they’ve just shared that can boost your business in some fashion.   

On another level, they may not yet have developed their communication skills and find networking awkward. Give them a break. Show real interest and encourage them to meet and engage with others at the event. You never know if they or someone they know can be of help to you or your business at some point in the future. Never give up on someone on your first impressions. Although they can and do count, impressions can be wrong, especially if the person isn’t confident when meeting new people.  

Nurturing and mentoring new entrepreneurs is tremendously rewarding. You get to watch people learn and flourish. And, you just might have sown the seeds of that special connection that will grow to become a mutual, profitable and meaningful business arrangement. 

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