Create meaningful Connections

How do you go about finding and building new connections in business? Do you flit from one networking event to another to cast your net wide in the hope that one or two connections will last the test of time? You may find that by using this approach, you develop lots of connections that are quite superficial rather than meaningful, and not so helpful to you or your business. 

On the other hand, perhaps you are warier, go to fewer events, and watch out for that special connection that you feel in your gut is right? You may indeed form great connections, but you could be limiting yourself and limiting your business potential too. 

You may only attend networking events with people of the same profession to get tips and ideas about how to move your business forward. But consider: How is limiting your range of connections going to challenge you, to help you to form new ideas and realise your business’s true worth 

Likely, a combination of different approaches could best work to your advantage.   

Going to regular, mixed profession, networking events makes sense. You will meet business owners with various backgrounds and cultures; people who can challenge your thinking and present fresh business ideas. Be inspired regarding the various ways you can expand your network and your business, both locally and globally.  

Tapping into the rich tapestry of wisdom, knowledge and experience of business owners (and from others not in the business world) can help bring colourful insights into your life and into the future of your business. Creating meaningful connections with a wide variety of people can help to inspire you and spur you on to greater things, both personally and professionally, and lead you to success  

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