Connections create more connections

Are you a successful entrepreneur? Maybe you’ve been successful with your business spanning many years? What made you successful? Was it your intelligence? Your work ethic? Perhaps you were savvy enough to start your business at just the right time for the market and you’re on your way to global expansion?

Let’s look back. While you were starting out and trying to grow your business, what did that feel like? Exhilarating? Exciting? Frightening? A bit of all three? Many of you were determined to succeed no matter the sacrifices – the long working days, time away from family and friends, etc. Whatever it took, it got you to where you are today.

Now imagine if someone had mentored you and guided you through the tough times at no cost to you, just because they wanted to help. Imagine that sense of reassurance just to know that someone had your back no matter what, instead of feeling as if you carried the world on your shoulders with only yourself to rely on. Then imagine the gratitude you would go through life with, perhaps even paying it forward.

Look around you. Is anyone struggling to get their business going? Someone might only need a little nudge in the right direction. Why not lend a hand and connect with them?

Connections are what creates bonds in business. Connections create trust, camaraderie, partnerships and collaborations. Connections create more connections and a huge network of connected people join to help and encourage each other and celebrate in each other’s success.

Help someone out. Build your connections. You never know – your business could grow exponentially as a result.

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