Connection, connection, connection!

Connection is the magical word that brings people together … for a variety of purposes.

Personal long-term friendships, relationships and marriages are formed when true and deep connections are created and developed. Sometimes these relationships arise if we ‘click’ with someone because we have lots in common. But, think about how many long-term relationships are formed when opposites attract. The common thread is the connection.

Equally, business partnerships and collaborations can form when the connection is right. Some of the most successful businesses achieve long-term, sustainable growth and profitability as a result of building solid connections.

Even if your aim is to collaborate on a short-term project, how you connect with the other(s) is key to the success of the project. You won’t get very far if you shut down ideas or opinions; rather, it’s about encouraging free-flowing thinking that leads to innovation and creativity.

Groups, such as Mastermind groups, are fantastic for helping to create short and long-term opportunities for growing and developing your business. They take work, though. Each person needs to contribute and be accountable while offering mutual support and respect if the members are to succeed in their individual and group objectives. Organised properly with everyone participating and bouncing ideas around, a mastermind group can bring many benefits to its members.

So, whether it’s a connection that takes little or no effort, i.e. ‘clicking’, or the connection takes a little more work, such as when groups come together for a specific outcome, the ensuing meaningful connections are worth it.

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