Connecting with Nature to Stay Healthy

Given these trying circumstances we find ourselves in with Covid-19, now it is more important than ever for us to look after our overall health. 

Studies have shown how connecting with nature helps keep our health in check such as lowering our blood pressure and improving our emotional wellbeing. But how many of us are using nature’s delights to do that?  

Outdoor Activity 

No gyms or indoor facilities can replace the body-cleansing fresh air of outside. Regular walking, cycling, running, and swimming outdoors can help massively towards keeping us fit and healthy.  

Those who already incorporate outdoor exercise regularly will attest to its countless benefits. However, if you don’t have a routine, start with more gentle exercising such as walking and build from there.  

Choose something you think you’ll enjoy and celebrate each time you do it, even if it’s to pat yourself on the back.  

Challenge yourself with new goals. Just increasing the length of your activity by five minutes can make a difference. You’ll be amazed at how good you start to feel when you adopt regular outdoor activity as part of a healthier routine.  

Whatever activity you choose and whatever level of fitness you are at, be mindful of the wonders of the natural world around you. Breathing in that clean, fresh air can help you to feel re-energised.  

Connecting with nature, even in small ways, can help to keep your mind and body healthy.   

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