Connect to Ignite Passion

Humanity connects us all regardless of things such as age, circumstance, race, or genderWe are at our best when we make a genuine connection with another human being.  

Sometimes the connections we make are magical. A chance meeting and an idea communicated can often kindle a flame of passion within us which reminds us of our real purpose in life. Our ‘calling’ may have gotten buried under life’s hardships and struggles to the extent we may have forgotten it was there. Perhaps we even lost belief in our potential?  

That chance encounter, or a nurtured connection, is maybe all we need to push us forward with renewed vigour and direct us towards a new personal or career journey. 

Of course, communication is a two-way street. It could be you who sparks that light in someone else. Listening is a real skill. The next time you’re with someone, ask what their passion is, then listen intently to the answer. You may be able to offer practical help such as sponsorship or become their mentor. Or, maybe light that spark by encouraging them. Connecting and giving your full attention to someone could prove invaluable for each of you. 

Just as one meeting at the right time and place can lead us to change course for the better, so too can our connections if we continue to seek and nurture them.  

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