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Is your business world one of cooperation and collaboration where you all come out winnersOr, perhaps you believe in survival of the fittest where you flex your business muscles to beat the competition and dominate your industry? 

While a dog-eat-dog approach is still in evidence in today’s business climate, increasingly more leaders are learning that adopting a cooperative stance can take their businesses to new heights.  

Innovation and collaboration are considered the new norm and as key to expansion and growth. Connecting and collaborating with other leaders from various industries, from start-ups to existing businesses, is seen as the way to encourage innovation, growth and profitability.  

Even if you are in competition with other businesses, there are always ways to connect and collaborate. Outside of business, for example, imay be that you share similar beliefs about how to help your local economy to grow. Or, you may share a common goal to improve your local eco-system or to improve your local community. If you can collaborate outside of business for the greater good, you may discover areas in business where you can indeed work together for mutual benefit.  

Making sound business connections makes sense. Whether to help grow your business or to collaborate in local community projects, you will be a winner.  

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