Collecting. Connecting. Sharing.

“Collecting the dots. Then connecting them. And then sharing the connections with those around you. This is how a creative human works. Collecting. Connecting. Sharing.” – Amanda Palmer 

What are your intentions for creating your business network? Hopefully, building and expanding your connections are high on your list!

So many new entrepreneurs try to go it alone in the belief they have the skills and the business savvy to become the next Richard Branson. Very rarely, if ever, does that happen. Often, those entrepreneurs give up on their dream before it’s begun.

Successful business owners usually spend years honing their craft and their businesses. When they do become successful, they attribute a huge chunk of their success, not only to their hard work but to developing the right business connections.

They probably watched and learned from the best. Maybe they were even mentored by someone higher up the success ladder. Perhaps more importantly, they felt listened to and valued which gave them the confidence to keep pushing forward.

How are you building your business connections today? Are you reaching out to that fledgling entrepreneur? What about other business owners you meet in your network – do you add value to their businesses or to their lives?

Developing and nurturing your network of connections can only serve to enhance your reputation throughout the business world. Try adding value today.

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