Can technology take the place of human interaction and connection

In today’s high-tech world, we can be in contact with businesses around the world at the touch of a button. Skype, Zoom and so forth make it super easy to have one-to-one meetings or group conferences. While this technological progress is welcome, can it take the place of human interaction and connection?

Human connection is essential for us as social beings. Can you imagine only being in contact with family and friends via a computer or phone screen? We would miss their touch and feel much less satisfied. As social animals, we need real connections, whether it’s a hug or a reassuring touch on the shoulder from a family member or a friend.

But, do we need it in business? You can learn a great deal from someone by their handshake alone. Is it firm, displaying a sign of confidence? Is it weak, showing someone not quite sure of themselves? Is it warm and friendly which is also reflected in the person’s eyes? Often, reading someone’s body language is key to developing future business partnerships.

Also, consider when a text message or email has been misinterpreted which is something many of us will have experienced at least once. Perhaps the tone didn’t quite come through the way it was meant to, or a point wasn’t made accurately, and the reader had taken umbrage. Of course, in face-to-face meetings, these errors a less likely to happen and if they do are quickly resolved.

However much we rely on technology to grow our businesses, or even trade on a global stage, nothing can replace human connection.

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